Tuesday, 5 March 2013

Interview: Foxfires (March 5, 2013)

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I recently spoke to Conor Hobbs from Foxfires, a four piece hardcore band from Worchester, MA featuring Josh Lyford, Brad Rheault, Jesse Manard and Mr Hobbs. The band have just released their debut EP, The Golden Age EP. 

Who is Foxfires and how did you get together?

The line-up is currently Josh, Jesse, Brad, and Conor. We were all
pretty much friends in some capacity previous to the band but
basically a few of us were banging things together in the basement for
a while until we had something cohesive enough to record and get to
Josh through the wonders of cyberspace. He wrote some lyrics, sung
them to his macbook for a while, and then we recorded it, auto-tuned
everything, and here we are. I guess we don't really have one of those
'cute' stories of how we fell in love, but its love just the same.

How would you describe your sound in three words?

Head-bang Basement. Does head-bang count as one word or two? If it
only counts as one I would just have repeated it at the end anyway...

Congratulations on The Golden Age EP! How was the process behind the release?

Thanks! The process behind the release was terrific. We recorded the
songs locally at the Ehco Room with good friend Ian Van Opijnen, which
was comfortable and a good time to say the least. Once we got the
mixes we got in touch with Mike over at Escapist Records and he worked
some wonders to help us release one fine looking EP. Many thanks to
Ian and Mike for making it so easy.

What lyrical themes are behind the EP?

There is definitely some dark stuff in there, mostly about coming to
terms with loss, both material and psychological. Though darkness does
run deep, the intent of the music is really hopeful to me personally.
Making sense of the things that pain us in some kind of shared way.

Are the lyrics written about personal experiences?

Yes. Its easy to have passion about your own experiences so I guess
thats why it ends up that way. We certainly hope they are relatable to
people out there in some way, shape or form.

What's your favourite track off the release?

Personally, I am into Crushed.

What touring plans do you have for the rest of the year?

We all work full time at the candy factory so touring is tough at this
point but we are trying to work out something east-coast in the coming
months at least. Stay tuned jellybeans.

Are you playing any festivals?

No festivals yet but I know we are really trying to work our way into
King Richards Fair. It will have to be an acoustic set due to the lack
of electricity in the middle ages, but we will keep our fingers
crossed for that show.

What would you guys be doing if you weren't in music?

Probably riding around on two wheels somewhere. Lyford would be
larping or playing D&D full time.

What effect does the fact that you've all been in bands before have on

This surely differs from eye to eye but from my perspective the most
significant effect is that everyone knows, and actively promotes, this
to be something unique and independent of the past. Just the way it
should be.

Does it put pressure on you to do as well with Foxfires?

The independence with Foxfires brings freedom from the pressures of
lofty expectation. The only thing we expect is that we have a good
time, and we hope to share our good time with as many other people as

Who influences you as a band?

Anyone who can spark a little passion in the gut.

If Foxfires was a classic rock band, what would it be?

This is too easy. Creedence for sure. The Foxfires second coming will
be a CCR cover band.

Final words?

There's a head-bang on the rise


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